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This is an amazing product. It is very easy to mount and use. Sighting it in is incredibly easy. The quality and forethought that went into this makes for one amazing product. It really in a new way to use open sights. 5-star rating.

rockin []

Really nifty gun sight. At first glance you will have some reservations about the effectiveness of the See All gun sight. It will take a few outings to get use to the sight picture. After a short learning curve on your part, you will begin to see the genius in this sight. I did not like the sight at all, on first outing to test. As I grew accustomed to the operation, it quickly changed my thoughts. Although it is short to mount on an AR top rail, It will work great on a 45 degree offset rail. I found it most useful with my home defense shotgun. It does not take much light at all to activate the edge glow material. The ambient light inside a home at night worked quite well, even with the lights off. I thought that there might be some blockage of the surroundings, not true. I mounted the sight from 8″ to 16″ and the picture was clear as a bell. I did notice that if you are a one eye closed shooter, there is some blockage of the lower areas. This blockage is worse the shorter your focal length is. If you are a both eyes open shooter, you won’t even notice it, just a big green bar with a big triangle where the bullet is going to hit. It was almost transparent in the view, with both eyes open. Very nice, compact, reliable piece of equipment. 50 rounds of shotgun slugs, 120 rounds of 7.62, did not lose initial zero after it was dialed in. 4-star rating.

wstone4 []

I saw the video and how they used the sight on a shotgun and I used it on my shotgun. Loved it’s performance so much I decided to use it on rifles and pistols and was not disappointed. After all that I really tested it hard by mounting it on my granddaughter’s AR .22 (can you say TACK DRIVER), and after she shot it I had to let her keep it on her gun. I will try to buy one for myself. 5-star rating.

rhanks []

Now the big question, compared to stock fiber optic sights on a scale of 1 to 5? … 5. Way easier to use giving me improved accuracy. I had no trouble throwing the gun up on my rest and firing quickly this time out. Normally I am bobbing the gun up and down, blinking my eye trying to clear the fuzz and hopefully that does it. A huge improvement for ME over regular fiber optic sights. As with anything new, you have to find out how to shoot it so its comfortable for your eye sight.

Posted on Frontier Muzzleloading forum

If you’ve ever had issues with a holographic type sight, you may like this style better. One of the things I’ve hated about some other sights have been that if you are not in low light condition, or happen to take aim on something in the direction of the sun, you lose your sights. The viewing platform for this particular sight alleviates this problem while still offering similar perks. If you have the opportunity, I would suggest giving it a try. You may find it more to your liking than other similarly priced sights.

K. Raynwolfe

Sometimes, the best things in life are the simple things. In the world of optics, many think-tanks over-elaborate on optic systems and create something that looks high-tech and appealing, but complicates and often adds unnecessary weight to the shooting platform, making it cumbersome. The See All Open Sight eliminates the burden of adjusting to a new sight and simplifies zeroing in on target with a simple change in the windage and height settings. Like a battery powered and often times bulky red-dot sight, the See All Open Sight places a triangular reticle on target, eliminating the need for steady positioning of the rear sight aperture and front sight post. The magnification lens placed at the rear of the sight increases the reticle’s size and clearly keeps the sight downrange and on target. Weighing in at a modest (weight?) and quickly mounting to any 1-inch Weaver/picatinny rail system, the See All Open Sight is not only light and manageable, but low-profile and stealthy. Windage and height can easily be adjusted, and working off the same tried-and-true principles of its optical predecessors, the MOA and windage can be fine-tuned with a simple turn of the dial. The See All Open Sight is the quick, simple and practical solution for beginner and expert marksmen alike and will serve as an integral addition to any hunter’s or sharpshooter’s arsenal.


The sight has a great viewing platform. Installs easily onto the carrier. We have 2 of these installed on older m-16 carriers and they provide great target acquisition. Recommended product.


Took it out of the box, mounted it on a old, cheap, marlin 60.. three rounds in a 1″ square @ 50 yds. Can’t wait to try it on my AR … the See All does the work, I just pull the trigger.

Stephen C. []

I wanted open sights for my custom 10/22. So, I spoke with a local gunsmith and asked for an estimate to have open sights put on. He said it would be $150.00 in machine work plus the cost of the sights. Then I found the See All Open Sight, it bolted right on to my Picatinny rail. It was less hassle and less money then having traditional open sights put on my 10/22. When I took it out, within 6 shots I had it sighted in and was able to cut quarter inch sticks at 25 yards. I LOVE THIS SIGHT!!!!!

John F. []

Love the sight on a shotgun! Once you are comfortable with the acquisition, the SeeAll is quicker than the end bead. As far as both eyes open, I prefer to shoot with both eyes open and it works very well.