About Us

Oversight Shooting Tech. is Family owned, and operated.  Yes, that's correct a family owned, and operated company!

Our journey started in archery many years ago looking to make an archery sight that didn't require a peep sight. After many failed attempts, and hours of sleep lost Ron came up with the No Peep. Later this company was sold, and is now called the IQ Sight. (one of the top selling archery sights). Developing the No Peep sight enlightened us that this technology belonged on a gun, so in 2008 we started on prototypes. After several renditions of what we envisioned Oversight Shooting Tech. was formed in 2012, and the first SeeAll Open Sight was released. 

Business Today building on the original ideas, and technology of the SeeAll Open Sight we have made many improvements, and added many advantages such as Tritium Lit! Through the years we have purchased CNC machines to bring more manufacturing in house, and have made sure to keep everything in the USA! 

Our Goal is to provide our loyal customers with a fantastic sight that makes shooting open sights an enjoyable experience. Some of the things we are doing to ensure this is a lifetime warranty on our products, keeping a small enough operation that we can insure quality, and if its not for you a 30 day money back!