Open Site Mounting Instructions

To Mount:

1. Slide rail groove (C) onto corresponding rail on gun receiver. Picatinny or Weaver rails are compatible. Certain firearms may require a riser to achieve proper sight position.

2. Slide the sight to desired position on rails. Lift the sight slightly with one hand to center it on the dovetail, while tightening the set screws (F) to secure the sight to the rail.

To Adjust:

1. Be sure sight is properly secured to firearm.

2. Place target at desired distance range and fire a shot or two shots into target to determine shot placement.

3. Use windage adjustment screw (E) and elevation adjustment screw (D) to adjust sight to proper alignment. So that sight adjustment is infinitely precise, adjustment screws do not click when turned. For reference, 1/16 of a turn moves shot placement 1 inch at 100 yards.

4. Fire 3-shot groups, using the center of the groups as a reference point for adjustments.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.

6. Be careful not to remove the adjustment screws. There are 90 inches of vertical adjustment and 150 inches of windage adjustment available at 100 yards, so an insufficient adjustment range should not be a concern.

Slide onto rail, and tighten set screws.

Wind adjustment

Elevation adjustment


  1. Patented optical element
  2. Crosshair reticle
  3. Picatinny rail groove
  4. Elevation adjustment screw
  5. Windage adjustment screw
  6. Rail mount set screws
  7. Sight axis
  8. Edge-glow material