7 Ridiculously Fun Shooting Games

Going down the range has got to be the most fun you can have legally with your clothes on. Yet standing in line and shooting at the same target, round after round, can get a little tiresome.

So why not add some adrenaline to the proceedings with a few shooting games with your buddies?

Here are 7 shooting games to try out:

  • 1. Accuracy Shooting

  • This is perfect as a warm up. Whether you’re using a pistol or rifle, stand at close range to your target. This could be as little as 4 or 5 yards to begin with. Then bury as many bullets into the hole as you can.

    Why is this game so fun and competitive?

    When you’re standing this close there are NO excuses if your shot is 3 inches out. You can’t blame it on the ammo or your gun. The only error is human error, making Accuracy Shooting a true test of marksmanship.

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    2. Coin Balance

    Place a coin on the top of the front sight. Then align on the target and gently squeeze the trigger. The aim is to squeeze so slowly and smoothly that the coin doesn't fall off.

    If it does fall off, you lose a life. The first to lose 5 lives then has to buy the beers.

    The Coin Balance game isn’t just a fun way to win free beer, though. It also helps to iron out the error of shooting too low or jerking the trigger, instead of pulling it slowly.

    3. Skeet Shooting

    This outdoors shooting game is a great test of speed aiming and skill.

    Clay targets are flung through the air from fixed stations. You then have to take out as many as you can with a shotgun. The clay skeets are flung at varying speeds and angles, so no two shots are the same, making it highly challenging and fun.

    There are also few things as satisfying as nailing your shot and seeing the clay pigeon shatter into a million pieces.

    4. Speed Loading and Firing

    If you ever find yourself in a warzone, the speed you can reload can decide be life and death.

    As well as practical, speed loading and firing is a great drill for improving speed, accuracy and gun control. The aim is to fire as quickly and accurately as possible. Score yourself over 40 rounds or how quickly you can reach 400 points.

    Anyone can fire off a few lucky shots and think they’re Jason Bourne. Whereas in this game it will be your grip on the fundamentals of firing that define your accuracy.

    Remember, it’s not practice that makes perfect. But perfect practice that makes perfect.

    5. The Dots

    This game is great for lovers of Westerns as you’ve got to be quick on the draw.

    In this game you start holstered and then have to fire 6 shots in 5 seconds. This demands speed and accuracy, and nothing beats the satisfaction of hitting a perfect line of dots with your 6 shots.  


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