4 Essential Gun Accessories for Your Tactical Bag

Just like golfers compete on whose got the best driver in their golf bag, gun enthusiasts compete on the firearms they carry in their tactical bag. This also applies to the accessories, which can make all the difference to your speed and accuracy.

Here are our 5 favorite gun accessories to add to your tactical bag.

1. Spotting scope

If you’re doing long range shooting, a spotting scope can help you score targets at varying distances, from 100 yard scoring up to 400 yards and beyond.

When using a spotting scope remember to take air turbulence, heat mirages and humidity into consideration. The conditions in the atmosphere can affect the accuracy of even premium spotting scopes and add more visible yards to the target than you may expect.

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2. Trigger Guard

Fast, accurate firing relies on having a trigger you can tug smoothly and firmly, without pulling and losing your accuracy.

This is where a trigger guard can be priceless. These protrude from the normal trigger to offer better leverage and quicker, more accurate firing.

Typically, trigger guards are universal and will fit snugly on most single trigger rifles and shotguns without any fiddly modifications.

3. Aftermarket muzzle brakes

Just like on the barrel of a cannon, a muzzle brake (or recoil compensator) can be attached to the muzzle of a firearm to reduce the recoil by around 50 percent.

Muzzle breaks help to stop the barrel rising after firing and can be used on rifles and other competition firearms, when fast, accurate shooting is vital. In fact, many rifles would be useless without a muzzle brake to soften the kick.

Just be warned, muzzle brakes send the noise of the blast back at you. So you’ll need to wear hearing protection to.

4. Sights

The most essential piece kit to have in your tactical bag is an upgraded eyesight. Having accurate, easy to use sights will have a bigger effect on your accuracy than any other attachment.

The sights we recommend the most is the new “See All Sight”. It’s a major improvement on stock fiber optic sights or holographic sights due to its reticle view. This makes aligning the with cross hairs and Delta view. It offers 3 unique advantages over a standard gun sight:

Fast - Its single element lens makes aligning the rear notch and front post of your firearm with the target ridiculously easy. There's none of the eye confusion or bobbing the gun up  and down like you do with ordinary sights. Just pick a target, align the sights and shoot. It’s that easy.

Rugged - Unlike gimmicky battery powered sights that can die on you when you need them most, the See All Sights provides reliable aiming in the fog, rain and snow. It’s built for the battlefield, and like any reliable firearm, will never let you down.

Accurate - The bullets go wherever the crosshair is centered on. It’s that simple.  Whether you attach it to a rifle, shotgun, handgun or crossbow, the See All Sight is always on target.

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