3 Skillful Ways to Show Up Your Friends at the Shooting Range

We all want to look cool and confident on the range. Showing you know how to handle a gun separates the men from the boys, and that you’re a true marksman, while your buddies struggle to even align their sights.

Whereas nothing screams “range rookie” more than being clumsy, uncomfortable or, worst of all, unsafe. So if you’re a total beginner, take a gun safety class before you step to the firing line. Otherwise you risk swinging your gun like it’s a water pistol and blowing someone’s hand off.

Like anything, confidence comes from knowing what to do and practice. Once you’ve nailed down the basics of aiming and firing, getting these shooting range skills under your belt will impress your buddies (and show up their lack of gunskills too).

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  • 1. Shooting from multiple positions
  • When pistol shooting, start by stepping up to the shooting line and burying a few in the target from a standing position.

    Shoot at least 6 rounds slow and easy. Then switch to a kneeling position to bury a few more while showing off how comfortable you are at shifting your stance without losing an inch in accuracy.

    If you’re using a rifle, start firing benched from the rest.

    Once you’ve dialed in your aim, switch to a kneeling position and fire offhand without the rest. The secret to success is staying relaxed while moving the sights, waiting until you’ve settled back on the target and then pulling the trigger slowly yet forcefully, like raking your finger through sand. Remember that amateurs pull, pros squeeze.

  • 2. Quick target transitions

    If you really want to show up your shooting buddies, rapidly switching and hitting small targets is the ultimate way of solidifying yourself as an action hero in waiting.

    The key to quick and accurate target transitions is resetting yourself for shot-to-shot recovery.  After you fire a round don’t instantly release the trigger. Instead keep it held down while you reset your position and then slowly release so that when you’ve aligned on the next target you’re ready to instantly fire.

    Whenever doing quick transitions, focus on smooth follow-through, reset, and shot-to-shot recovery for tight firing and laser precision.

  •  3. Precision targeting with optimum sights
    Switching your position and quick target transitions is all well and good. But there’s no point going through all these dramatics if you can’t hit the target.

  • Ultimately, it’s holes in targets that will impress your buddies the most. This makes having the best gun sights the secret weapon in your tactical bag.

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